At the conclusion of DROP, we can provide you with an excellent strategy for your DROP account.  We can offer you safe solutions to protect your DROP money from market loss.  Our strategy also can provide you with a paycheck for life, like your pension and Social Security payments, guaranteed for the rest of your life! We will design a customized plan for you that takes into account your retirement income needs and expenses.  We also look at both your liquidity needs and expenses.  We help you avoid a taxable distribution by designing a creative IRA rollover solution.

As DROP Advisory Council members, we have access to several outstanding DROP IRAs that can protect all contributions and earned interest from any market loss.

Our IRA solutions also can provide you with a stream of income for life!  You also have the flexibility to choose when you want to start your “paycheck for life!”


To schedule a meeting or if you have any questions, please contact the DROP Advisory Council by filling in the form below.